Orbit X Tally-Ho Official Collab Deck / Black Edition


The third and final Orbit X Tally-Ho collab deck. We decided to end the collab as a trilogy. Red, Blue, and Black. This final Tally-O is the most rare with a print run of 3,000. We chose black for the final color because it goes with everything and is the most dominant color for a back design. Once they're gone, we'll never reprint again. Complete your collection today! Collector's 3 pack (Blue, Red, & Black) coming soon.


UK Customers: You'll be able to find the Black Tally's at the Card Inn.


Print run: 3,000

Numbered Seals

Stock: Traditionally cut / Air-cushion Premium thin-crushed

Printed at: US Playing Card Company

Official Orbit X Tally-Ho collab deck

2023 - ORBIT®