Orbit V2 - (Private stock, Ultra Rare) - 8 PM PST


V2!? Yes please. This is directly from my private collection. The V2 Orbit deck is one of the most sought after decks in our lineup. We printed 2,500 but a few hundred got damaged in shipment. We were left with around 2,300, making it one of the rarest decks we've ever made, second only to the CC V1 Orbit deck. I decided not to charge full value for these so that collectors could have a chance to complete their collection. I beg you not to resell these. It would be in poor taste since I'm dropping a few hundred dollars off of what they're worth right now. If you already own a V2 I'd ask that you please give somebody else a chance since we only have 14 available. Happy 23rd!

AVAILABLE AT 8PM PST - SHARP - Just keep refreshing until you see the option to add to cart!

ORBIT® - 2023