Orbit V1 - (Private stock, Ultra Rare)




Yes, you're reading this right. The Original Orbit deck! We saved a little bit of stock of all previous Orbits for our personal collection. We decided to release 10 sealed V1's from the vault. We plan on having special items such as retro Orbits for sale every 23rd. So if its the 22nd, stop on by the store to see what we're releasing next! The V1 Orbits can be found on ebay for $400-$500. It somehow didn't feel right to charge the current going price. We wanted to drop the price for the collectors who are missing this deck from their collection. So if you're planning on buying this deck with the intention of reselling it, we beg you not to do that. There are a lot of people who genuinely want this deck to fulfill their collection. Depending on remaining private stock, we may or may not be selling more of these sometime down the line. These micro drops will have free shipping and will ship from Orbit headquarters rather than Art of Play. The package will require a signature.


If you have any questions regarding your order or anything in general, please email us at support@theOrbitbrown.com


ORBIT® - 2023