Orbit's Dopest - 2023 Contest

Orbit's Dopest - 2023 Contest


Yo fam! Orbit clip of the month from 2020 has evolved!



At the start of each month we'll be selecting our favorite original move to win Orbit's Dopest of the previous month. The move should be new and you can post until you get picked. The first winner will be selected at the start of February 2023. After we have 12 winners for the 12 months of 2023 we'll have a community vote to see which moves make it to the top 3. From there, the final 3 cardists will have one month to film one more move, their secret weapon. Those final three submissions will be turned in to us and we'll make a single video displaying all 3 moves. The move with the most votes will count for 1 vote out of 10 total votes from the Orbit panel of judges. (TBD)



- Use an Orbit deck

- Use the #ORBITSDOPEST hashtag

- Video should be uploaded to Instagram

- Bring the heat





Monthly winners:

1 free brick of Orbits

$100 gift card to the Orbit store

Orbit's Dopest 1 of 1 T-Shirt

Move featured on all of Orbit's social media platforms and on the homepage of Orbit World. 




Final winners:

3RD PLACE: $1,000

2ND PLACE: $2,500

1ST PLACE: $10,000




The 1st place winner will also be flown out to the San Francisco bay area for the day to hang with the Orbit crew and get a solo video filmed at Redwall studios. The solo video will be filmed and edited by the Orbit crew.


Will you be the dopest of 2023!? GOOD LUCK HOMIE!



Seeing cardistry getting so big is just awesome , don’t know when I will be good at it🥲

Naman Goyal

Now this is sure to generate some creative output in the community. Really excited to see this unroll.


The Orbit’s Dopest Contest Is Brilliant.
I love everything you do for the community.
Keep up the great work!

We Are Orbit

Anthony Hawk

Anthony Hawk

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